Birthday Lore

Birthday Lore for July 18

Yours is a fastidious nature. You like to dress well and appear at your best always. You are original, studious, and like and appreciate art. Your disposition is generally sweet, and although you sometimes lose your temper, you quickly recover it. You are affectionate and loving, and your home is dear to you.

Who Shares

Who Else Shares This Birthday?

Born 1978: Ben Sheets (baseball player)

Born 1913: Red Skelton (actor & comedian)

Born 1940: James Brolin (actor)

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On This Day in History

1898: Pierre and Marie Curie announced the discovery of a new element and called it polonium

1947: President Harry Truman signed the Presidential Succession Act into law which places the Speaker of the House and the Senate President Pro Tempore next in the line of succession after the United States Vice President

1942: The first jet combat plane was tested